This page documents the various projects 
has supported.

Barrett is a premium quality, large format book, 
produced using the finest materials. 
It is full of unseen and rare images of 
Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd
It collects and catalogues for the first time artworks 
and photographs by Syd himself. 
The book has been made in conjunction 
with the Barrett family 
and access to the family art and photograph archive, 
and their recollections have combined 
to show a new picture of Syd the creative, 
revealing a man who was a dedicated, 
practising artist throughout his life.

Before The End:
Jim Morrison Comes of Age
Jim Morrison is one of the twentieth century's 
most mysterious and misunderstood figures. 
Morrison tore the seal off of reality and functioned 
as a blind taste tester for a counterculture that, 
through experimental daring 
and the questioning of authority, 
contributed immensely to societal evolution. 
But that was just one facet of his fascinating life. 
Following his reported death of July 3, 1971, 
his brief chameleonic existence of 27 years 
left his legacy open to vast misinterpretation, 
a practice that continues to this day.
The independent documentary film 
"Before the End: Jim Morrison Comes of Age"
documents Jim Morrison, with particular study 
given to his formative years, childhood through college, 
via the family and friends who experienced him 
as a person, as opposed to a persona.

The Last Beat is a fictional film that attempts to explore 
the psychology of who Jim Morrison might have been 
at the end of his life. 
We want to go beyond the idea of celebrity death -- 
this sad obsession with celebrity death 
our culture seems to have. 
We also want to tell a story that delves into the times 
and have that inform our story as well, 
and by fictionalizing, 
I honestly believe we are getting closer to the truth 
of what might have happened, but more importantly, 
who this person might have been 
right at the point he left this earth. 
When you explore characters in that crucial time, 
you find a lot of humor, tragedy, and intensity 
all balled up into one. 
I think you come to terms with who you really are 
and who you won’t be, 
and that is something that certainly 
touches all of us universally, 
no matter where we've come from. 
What excites me the most about this film 
is that I feel people haven’t really looked at Morrison 
as the amazing, visionary poet he was from the start. 
Clearly there is so much poetry in his lyrics, 
but he's still seen as just this rock star to most people. 
The title itself -- The Last Beat -- 
is important because of that. 
It's not just about the beat of a heart, 
or the beat within music, it really refers to Jim 
being one of the last in the line of the Beat Generation. 
You absolutely see a through-line between Morrison 
and Jack Kerouac, and in many ways 
Morrison is the son of Kerouac 
and we are the children of the 60’s. 
In the end, we believe this film will excite those 
who don’t know much about Morrison and the times, 
and for those that do, it will speak to them deeply.”
- Robert SaitzykWriter / Director 

Jane Siberry: 
Consider The Lily
"Imagine a world 
where the columns of the temple come to life, 
at first stiff and then flexible and flowing …"
This recording has been a long time coming 
and is the closest thing to a 'studio' recording of personal, 
universal songs that I've done since 'When I Was A Boy'.
Three years ago, I asked my dear friend 
Peter Kiesewalter in NYC to do arrangements 
for the most universal songs from my recent 
'Three Queens' trilogy. 
He got to work and did a wonderful job 
with his band BRO (Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata). 
Then I started getting nigglies 
that there was not enough 'me' in the music, 
much as I enjoyed it. 
So I rolled up my sleeves and have been doing 
'sister' versions and adding a few new songs. 
This is a good example of what many artists go through, 
to their initial chagrin and surprise. 
Wild veering and seeming illogic. 
Then you get used to it. 
Then you get good at it. 
Building skills as a super- and supra-muse-tracker. 
Navigating faint deer trails towards open clearings. 
This circuitousness often leads 
to the music closest to your heart.
Thank you for visiting here and considering joining forces. 
This music is for YOU. 
Jane Siberry

Directed by Danny Garcia (The Rise and Fall of The Clash), 
"Looking For Johnny" is the definitive documentary 
on New York legendary guitar player Johnny Thunders
In 90 minutes, this film covers Johnny Thunders career 
from his beginning in the early 70's 
to his demise in New Orleans, 
where he died under mysterious circumstances in 1991.

Third Contact
“The ‘MANY WORLDS’ theory is an interpretation 
of quantum physics first proposed by 
physicist Hugh Everett in 1957, 
which implies that all possible 
alternative histories are real. 
Previously, in 1935, Erwin Schrödinger proposed 
the ‘Schrödinger's Cat Experiment’ to illustrate 
the apparent paradox implied by 
Niels Bohr’s Copenhagen interpretation 
of quantum mechanics, 
which was the theory accepted by 
the majority of quantum physicists at the time. 
In many-worlds, the subjective appearance of 
wavefunction collapse is explained by 
the mechanism of quantum decoherence, 
which resolves all of the correlation paradoxes 
of quantum theory, 
such as the EPR paradox and Schrödinger's cat, 
since every possible outcome of every event defines 
or exists in its own "history" or "world". 
In lay terms, there is a very large—perhaps infinite—
number of universes, and everything that could 
possibly have happened in our past, 
but did not, has occurred in the past 
of some other universe or universes.”

Aung San Suu Kyi
and Democracy's 
New Voices of Freedom
"Every leader on the planet 
should read this book at least once."
~ Alice Walker
Pulitzer-Prize winning author of The Color Purple 
Burma (called Myanmar, by some) is undergoing 
one of the most epic reforms in human history: 
after decades of authoritarian military rule 
we're seeing the dawn 
of a compassion-inspired democracy 
born from love and nonviolence. 
This next phase of Burma’s "revolution of the spirit" 
is  being led by former political prisoners, 
artists and dissidents, including Nobel Peace laureate, 
Aung San Suu Kyi
“an icon of democracy...all around the world,” 
as declared by President Barack Obama 
during his historic visit to Burma 
just days after his reelection. 
Freed after spending the better part of 20 years 
under house arrest and prison, Aung San Suu Kyi
a recently elected Parliamentarian within her country’s 
new civilian Government, has called upon 
freedom-loving people everywhere, 
to SUPPORT Burma NOW, more than ever.   
"As spiritual and political beings 
we are all activists at heart. 
No one is outside of society...It's about our freedom. 
That means everybody. 
We must see that nothing and no one 
is separate from this freedom. 
No one is an island in this world." 
~ Aung San Suu Kyi 
ROBERT TORBICA's name is proudly placed
 in the Acknowledgements of 
the new edition of The Voice of Hope

"Coexist is fueling the growing global campaign 
to address bullying and create a more inclusive 
environment in classrooms and communities everywhere. 
It has never been more urgent to seek solutions 
to create culture of peace instead of relying on violence." 
- Adam Mazo, Director of Coexist.
"What we didn’t ask is how we proactively design 
a world that allows us all the chance to live in safety, 
and supports a shared goal of opportunity and care for all. 
We keep searching for point solutions. 
We weigh one factor against another in the hopes 
one solved factor will solve the whole. 
But societal issues are complex and systemic 
and intertwine with each other. 
Answers can never be either/or. 
We need to start designing our culture 
such that holistic sets of solutions, policies, 
and customs take hold, and hold us to a new, 
21st century (and beyond) social contract between 
the individual and the collective. 
How do we do this? 
One essential way is through story: 
The only way to truly comprehend 
the human costs of policy frameworks 
and cultural constructs is to listen to and exchange stories. 
The humanitarian and emotional perspectives 
are often more persuasive than only the rational ones 
when we are creating livable societies. 
To build a culture of possibility, we have to build 
both a movement and an ethical framework 
grounded in multiple narrative from multiple voices, 
and fostered by co-creation networks that act for the good 
of the collective and the protection of the individual." 
Social Activist and Multimedia Producer. 
This 40-minute film and 4-lesson Teacher's Guide 
is currently in the hands of more than 3,000 educators 
in 50 states and a dozen countries around the world.
Coexist is a thought-provoking and compelling film 
that resonates profoundly with anyone who views it.  
It underscores the sheer complexity 
of the Rwandan genocide 
and subsequent efforts at reconciliation, 
and provides a deeper examination 
of hatred and forgiveness. 
Significantly, it serves as a metaphor 
of so many other events and attitudes 
that have the capacity to devolve into extremes 
if not adequately addressed and rectified. 
Coexist allows students, educators, and others 
to critically and thoroughly analyze 
these important and complicated issues." 
David Bosso, Connecticut Teacher of the Year.

Amidou & Toya
Amidou & Toya is an original creation 
that tells the story of young francophone immigrants 
from West Africa and Haiti who have to deal 
with the challenges of youth, love, and integration. 
All its music and lyrics were composed 
by French teacher, Yacine Boulares
a multi-nominated professional musician and composer. 

is a nonprofit  after school program 
allowing students from Kindergarten 
through High School to experience hands – on 
cooking which will develop practical life skills, 
and a foundation for healthy eating.
Beyond Milk and Cookies Inc.'s mission 
is to satisfy a child’s curiosity and academic goals 
with the use of learning culinary arts 
within an after school program. 
Research shows that satisfying a student’s physical needs 
must be fulfilled for a student to learn. 
Over 80% of children come to school hungry 
and remain that way during the day. 
This produces the inability to concentrate, 
poor academic performance and physical ailments. 
According to Professor Abraham Maslow
who developed Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
individuals must meet the basic needs 
before being motivated to accomplish higher motives. 
Maslow suggested that the first and most basic need 
people have is the need for survival: 
their physiological requirements 
for food, water, and shelter. 
Students must have food to eat, water to drink, 
and a place to call home 
before they can think about anything else. 
If any of these physiological necessities are missing, 
students are driven above all else 
to meet the missing need. 
There is a definite charge to fulfill 
the basic physical needs of a child 
before academic enrichment, 
and this can be achieved through 
The Beyond Milk and Cookies, Inc 
after school program. 
The Beyond Milk and Cookies, Inc. 
after school program allows students 
from Kindergarten through High School 
to experience hands – on cooking skills 
which will develop practical life skills, 
and a foundation for healthy eating. 
This after school program will address the challenges 
many youths face such as: 
increased rates of childhood obesity, 
declining performance in STEM Subjects 
(Science, Technology Engineering and Math classes), 
Common Core State Curriculum Standards, 
and low standardized test performances. 
Students will also learn how to make 
more healthy choices and learn how to use 
certain ingredients that will assist them 
in remaining healthy throughout adulthood. 
The after school program will include 
age-appropriate classes addressing kitchen 
and equipment safety, safe food handling 
and food preparation. 
In addition, to learning about food preparation, 
students will acquire information 
about diverse ethnic foods, geography, nutrition 
and table manners. 
By giving students the opportunity to learn 
basic cooking skills and work with nourishing foods, 
math, science and health education become relevant 
and are more readily integrated with current knowledge. 
The Beyond Milk and Cookies program allows students 
to take meaningful steps in helping children 
develop good health habits, which is the best foundation 
for academic and physical success.
* Have the power to learn
* Are curious & creative
* Can succeed 
The Beyond Milk and Cookies, Inc. mission 
is to inspire lifelong lessons of healthy eating and nutrition.
* ROBERT TORBICA is featured on the SUPPORTERS page

Restless Dead
Bizarre-but-true tales of post-mortem adventure. 
Love, glory, revenge - all achieved after life. 
Not at this moment, of course, 
but in the grand scheme of things 
we are all mortal and our time is fleeting. 
Death is the ultimate price of life 
and that is why we feel the urge 
to make every moment count.
But, some individuals have actually accomplished 
their greatest deeds and participated 
in their most epic adventures long after their demise. 
is a thoughtful and well-researched compilation 
of these very real post -mortem adventures.
Learn the complete history of mummy commerce 
- the trade of human remains 
for the production of medicine, 
pigments and more! 
Unearth the very real role Body Snatchers 
and ‘Resurrectionists’ performed in the name of science. 
Read about the Portuguese concubine who was exhumed 
and made Queen and about the deceased Wild West outlaw 
who traveled America as a fun-house prop.
Other post-mortem exploits chronicled include:
- the deceased sideshow freak who continued her travels 
as a taxidermied attraction
- the corpse who was hung for treason
- the successful mummification of Lenin 
and the upkeep involved
- the famous dead 
- the immortal beloved
- the bone collectors

An upcoming short film set in Novi Sad, Serbia; 
If You See Maria tells the story of an eccentric 
single mother who dances to the rhythm of her own tune.

Maria is refusing to acknowledge the loss of her husband, 

a washed up Serbian pop star, and in order to cope with his death 

she has created a world of fantasy in her mind 

and is losing herself to music only she can hear. 

She is fast becoming the talk of the town 
with her odd behaviour and strange personality, 
leaving her three children to deal with asshole bullies 
and gossiping bitches. 
Her daughter Sofia has no time for her mother’s frivolity 
and is bored of being the glue that holds the family together. 
She becomes determined to find Maria 
and bring her back to reality, 
but she soon realises 
that it isn't so easy to tame a wild thing.

A Dress for Yugoslavia
"A documentary archiving the making 
of a Yugoslavian folk dress in hopes that 
‘Brotherhood and Unity’ 
could be more than just a motto.
Driving this documentary is the hope 
to create a Yugoslavian folk costume, 
one that has never before existed 
but which will now bring together the traditions 
of the nations that once comprised Yugoslavia. 
Six mentors will guide me in the design 
and creation of a garment that combines 
distinct traits from the national folk dresses 
of each former republic of Yugoslavia. 
We will visit the mentors, 
one from each of the former republics, 
and learn how to apply 
the unique costuming techniques 
that they practice in the creation 
of their traditional national folk dresses. 
By weaving these diverse skills and symbols 
into the fabric of our garment’s production, 
together we hope to create a piece 
that represents what the country of Yugoslavia, 
and her people, stood for. 
As artisans from each country bring their traditions 
together to create a single garment, 
we aspire to open a dialogue about unity 
in a fractured part of the world.
As our film documents the process of making a traditional 
Balkan folk dress, it creates a video archive 
of traditional techniques that are in danger of being lost 
along with the history that has made them unique. 
By traveling to all the former republics of Yugoslavia 
and learning from each mentor, 
our documentary will forever preserve 
the practice of these traditions.
In January of 1946 a new constitution established a state 
that included six socialist republics 
and two autonomous provinces. 
This multi-ethnic and multi-national state 
was to be guided by a national motto 
of Brotherhood and Unity, 
in the hope that these principles could calm 
ethnic tensions and prevent the dominance 
of any single group. 
As a means of nurturing a shared identity 
amongst diverse nationalities, 
cultural grants were allocated to each republic. 
These funds encouraged the practice 
of local cultural traditions, 
including folk dance & national costume. 
Instead of creating a shared Yugoslavian sense of identity, 
however, what emerged was cultural competition 
and nationalistic rivalry. 
Our goal is to examine whether ‘Brotherhood and Unity’ 
could be more than just a motto."
- Nina Platiša, Director 

My Ancestors Gifts
A story of a young girl who lives on her ancestral 
tribal homeland, and knows fracking may destroy 
her environment, culture and spiritual life.
Although the title of this book is a powerful message, 
it contains a collection of short stories which are softened 
by morals, ethics and values. 
A young Indian girl shares her views 
on the love and concern 
she has for her homeland an tribal life.
These stories are based on the true Blackfeet culture, 
creation story, ancient spiritual values and social life. 
Fracking is only lightly touched on at the end of each story. 
Lets face it, fracking is not a pretty subject 
so I felt it was important to add 
colorful illistrations to each story. 
A local Blackfeet artist is working 
on some beautiful illistrations for each page. 
These drawings portray an original way of native life 
and will draw the readers attention 
to what the story is about. 
This book is designed to attact the attention 
of 6th graders up to adult.
"The Blackfeet Nation sits on one of the most 
beautiful places on Mother Earth. 
From wide open praries, rolling hills 
and snow capped mountains, 
our tribe has called this place home 
for many thousands of years. 
Our entire being as a tribe is immersed in the values 
of the waters, air and soil and all life upon Earth. 
This story is told by a young girl, 
there is no one better to get the point across 
than through the eyes of a child. 
The Blackfeet Nation sits at the base 
of the Rocky Mountain front, 
which is the headwaters for major waterways 
that serve several towns, cities, including Canada. 
Life for thousands of miles around depend 
on these pure nutrient rich waters for survival. 
I feel the stories and illustrations in this book 
are vital information in making a significant statement 
to our own Blackfeet people. 
They will educate our people on the dangers of fracking. 
Therefore they will be more inclined to inform 
the tribal council who can determine 
whether there should be a moratorium or ban 
put on the hydraulic fracturing (fracking). 
Fracking came up on us so fast 
that no one knew what it was 
and most people still don't. 
Through my efforts I am trying to bring awareness 
and try to ban fracking."
- Pauline Matt, Author

A children's book tackling the subject 
of homophobia in a Pakistani context.
I'm Eiynah, a Pakistani-Canadian blogger/artist 
who writes about sexuality in Pakistan. 
I may not live there, but I dream of a progressive 
Pakistan as opposed to the extremist state 
it is close to becoming. 
I don't usually write content specifically for children, 
though that's something I've always wanted to do. 
Recently, I wrote and illustrated a children's book 
set in Pakistan dealing with the issue of homophobia. 
With all the religious intolerance and extremism 
I believe its important to push back 
with the arts and with education. 
The best way to do this in my humble opinion 
is to start early and teach our children tolerance 
and diversity from a young age. 
I would also like to show the rest of the world that 
*all* Pakistanis cannot be defined by the terrorism 
and intolerance you see in the media. 
We are a varied people, amongst us there are many kind, 
gentle and diversity loving souls. 
But sadly, those voices are drowned out 
or silenced by extremists. 
Some have, predictably, found this book 'controversial'.
Equality, should not be controversial...but is. 
Has been...throughout history, in different contexts. 
Education is key to combatting such a mindset. 
I would be lying if I said my book was only for children, 
it comes in the form of a children's book 
but this issue needed to be simplified 
for multiple age groups. 
In the West some countries may have come 
a long way in terms of LGBT rights, but in Pakistan 
we are only just starting to have this conversation, 
and we certainly are not having it in schools. 
It's about time we started. 
When I posted this on my blog, 
I was overwhelmed by the love 
and international attention it received. 
I had no idea it would strike a chord with so many.
It got over 10, 000 hits in the first 48 hours! 
In Pakistan, homosexuality is still illegal. 
We'd be happy to donate copies to any school 
in Pakistan that would accept our donation. 
Right now, we are working on finding 
such an open-minded educational institution. 
Even if one copy makes it in, 
and we can all collectively make enough noise - 
it will make a difference, 
and will give strength to those 
who do not have the luxury 
of being open about who they are. 
In a world where we live in fear of radicalization, etc., 
it's important to watch and encourage 
steps towards progress - 
whether you are Pakistani or not. 
And it is important to challenge stereotypes as well. 
This is a side of Pakistan that many do not get to see....
but its there! 
We're excited that we are already 
receiving positive feedback from school teachers 
in the Greater Toronto Area! 
We are also receiving requests from volunteers 
to help translate the book into different languages 
for a wider reach online!

"To date, 15 ex-employees have bravely spoken out 
about Marineland’s poor treatment of animals; 
and now the corporation has taken 
legal action against two. 
On Oct 17th, Christine Santos was fired 
after not signing a document that included a statement 
she’d never seen animal abuse at the park. 
Shortly thereafter, Marineland served 
a $1.25 million defamation lawsuit 
against the former trainer 
for telling the Toronto Star a killer whale 
was sporadically bleeding from its tail. 
Kiska, Marineland’s lone killer whale 
is now without her most trusted trainer. 
On Feb 13th Marineland launched a seperate suit 
against Phil Demers citing $1.5 million in damages, 
with more suits expected. 
The suits (widely known as SLAPP suits) 
are a common strategy employed by corporations 
to incite fear into critics, 
while spending defendants into the ground. 
At a cost of $325/hr for a lawyer, 
who can compete with cash rich corporate giants? 
This is no longer just about animal protection. 
This is now a social justice issue. 
Sadly, suits of this nature can cost 
hundreds of thousands of dollars, 
and if we don’t raise the necessary funds, 
the plight of Marineland’s animals will go silent, 
leaving Christine and myself bankrupt. 
This is Marineland’s intent. 
This is how they win.
Please help us send a clear message to Marineland, 
that we as a community of animal lovers 
and social justice seekers 
- Philip Demers

For The Love 
of Elephants
A feature length documentary to alleviate the pain 
and suffering of Kerala's captive elephants, 
and expose their abhorrent torture 
and exploitation for profit.
For the Love of Elephants is a feature-length 
documentary film in the making; 
an exposé that reveals the dark side 
of the Indian state of Kerala's glamorous cultural festivities 
that exploit captive elephants for profit, 
and uncovers the abhorrent torture suffered 
by these supremely gentle and intelligent animals. 
We will bring awareness to the plight of 
Kerala's temple elephants, and alleviate their suffering.
For the Love of Elephants will serve 
as a powerful and necessary tool to create 
deeper awareness among the public 
about the plight of captive festival elephants, 
inspire shifts in perceptions and mindsets, 
and foster empathy and kindness toward 
these gentle and sentient giants. 
You will become part of a legacy by participating 
in the making of a profoundly touching documentary 
that pulls back the veil on the festivals 
to show how elephants are treated 
for the benefit of ritual and amusement. 
But more than an exposè, the film is also a call to action, 
as we believe it will resonate deep 
within the hearts and minds of all stakeholders involved 
in the festivities, and empower them to do their parts 
to enhance the welfare of the elephants.
We believe this film has the potential 
to create ripples across India, changing the way in which 
its heritage animal is being treated, 
and ultimately enhancing the living conditions 
of captive elephants not only in India, 
but also other parts of the world.
As an extension of this film and its advocacy 
for better treatment of elephants, 
it is our broader goal to help establish 
a rehabilitation center 
for festival and temple elephants to spend 
the rest of their lives in peace and safety.

"Unrecorded Spirits" is a documentary 
on the lives of indigenous Mayans 
in the highlands of Guatemala 
from Day of the Dead 
until the end of the Mayan Calendar.
is a film conveying the experience 
of the Mayan K’iché 
in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. 
Epidemiological and anthropological research 
and experience covering years have resulted 
in an unprecedented degree of access 
to this region and its people. 
The film builds on this research and experience 
by collaborating and presenting stories 
directly from the people, from throughout the society, 
including Mayan ceremonies and practices 
for the very first time. 
A fundamental objective is to present the life 
and stories of this region in a manner 
that insiders and outsiders can access and understand, 
this includes film iterations in English, Spanish with K’iché, 
internet access of materials, and an open discourse 
with participants who share an understanding 
of the beauty and pain that exist in this special place. 
Filming from the Day of the Dead 
until the End of the Mayan Calendar 
this is an exploration of the people and environment 
of a distinct culture in a singular time in its existence.