As a lover of the arts, 
this page documents various events
has attended throughout the years
and the related articles in his collection
* Please note this is an incomplete digital representation of the collection
as some portions are either missing or destroyed.
Some events were also cancelled.

"I have been to many shows. 
I've kept some of the mementos 
and unfortunately lost quite a few. 
Don't ask me how I got into some of them 
because I won't tell you. 
All I can say is that I have been very lucky."

"This midnight screening had people screaming in their seats! 
The atmosphere was that of a beach party! Brilliant!"

"Always loved Bon and Angus as a kid. 
I couldn't go to the Razor's Edge tour 
so my older brother took me to see them the next time around. 
Great show!"

"One of the best films ever! 
I remember a good portion of the audience 
reciting the script as the film played 
on a big screen with big sound! 

"Two nights at the Drake that drew a pretentious and uptight crowd 
which didn't sit right with me. 
You get tend to get that if Leonard Cohen presents. 
Anjani could sense it and didn't like it either. 
I called out to her in the silence between songs 
which broke the ice of the audience and reassured her 
that some of us were having a blast! 
Two bottles of red later, we greeted her like long lost friends, 
gave her a big hug, and talked about her show well into the night."

"The B's are a terribly underestimated live band! Always great! 
Glad to have seen the four of them together again 
before Keith decided to leave the live scene. 
Second time at Rama, the Bangles opened up and they rocked!"

"The Resurrection tour! Who would have thought?"

"The 'Near The Atomosphere' tour. 
"Burning From The Inside" and "Swing The Heartache"live! 
I would have to endure a NIN set the following year 
just to see Bauhaus play an opening set in sunlight."

"This was the best Beck gig I have seen!"

"The Flaming Lips opening and then remaining as Beck's backing band. 
Their opening set was cut short due to technical difficulties but the rest of the show was fantastic!"

"This would have been awesome had it not been cancelled at the last minute.
In any case and a few short months later, 
I would choose NEVER to go to the Horseshoe again."

"Bowie played two nights at the Warehouse. 
For me, these were his best gigs! Better than the "Outside" tour in '95.
it was also the first time I would go to a concert by myself! 
Highlights for me were "Quicksand", "The Supermen", 
"Queen Bitch", "The Man Who Sold The World", 
and Gail Ann Dorsey's take on Laurie Anderson's "O Superman."
I remember driving around the venue the night before with my folks, 
trying to decide where they would pick me up. 
There was a gig happening that night and little did I know 
that I was hearing Michael Hutchence's 
last live performance in Toronto from our car on the road."

"The first and only show I have ever snuck into. 
I wasn't going to pay fifty plus dollars to see Bowie do a shorter-than-usual set 
so I grabbed a plastic chair from a seating area, 
hopped a fence and sat comfortably on the lawns. 
Highlights were the tracks from his "Low" album."

"Three nights of John Cale was cheaper and better 
than one night of Depeche Mode at the ACC.
I went to all three shows in Toronto and met the band 
who put me on guest list in Waterloo on November 17th. 
Worked perfect too 'cause Bauhaus were playing Toronto on the 16th. 
Got up to Waterloo a little early in the evening of the 17th
and decided to grab some dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. 
Who should walk in and have dinner right across from us but the band!"

John Cale Waterloo set-list.

"Great gig! Incredible backing band 
featuring members of "Blood, Sweat, And Tears."
Stupid thing was there wasn't a merch table set up 
selling her new album nor did she stick around for a signing! 
A missed opportunity to promote that but I'm not in charge."


"My first concert!"

"This is in the top 3 most boring gigs I have ever attended. 
Dylan playing one handed keyboard and me thinking about a throat infection."

"Unfortunately, Neubaten had visa issues 
and couldn't do these 30th anniversary shows."

"In the top three most boring shows I have ever been to, 
along with a VNV Nation show at the same venue.
I spent the whole event at the upstairs bar doing shots, 
trying to forget where I was at and remember why I came. 
Fucking awful!"

"First Aid Kit rocked but the half-in-the-bag douche who opened was awful."

"An excellent production!"

"$12 concerts! 
I think the price went started at $8 and went up over the years but who cares? 
I can't tell you how many shows I saw at Kingswood. 
It's a shame the venue isn't as it once was."

"Laibach always put on a great show!"

"Probably THE WORST show I have ever seen!
Little Richard cut the gig short less than forty minutes into his set due to rain 
and left us with his closing  rendition of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." 
My brother and I walked out and into the rain.

"I recognized Miki in the crowd, having a beer and checking out the opening act. 
That's when I approached her. Great show!" 

R.I.P. Chris Acland

"I remember sitting there asking myself why they'd have this shotgun-crucifix 
hanging above the stage without it going off? 
Seemed like a waste of a prop. 
This was the last time I would see Marilyn Manson perform."

"This was a great gig! Peter didn't look bored"

"The original band played Kingswood Music Theatre 
on the "Republic" tour in the summer of 1993.
This was a new group, performing two nights without Peter Hook. 
I don't believe anyone really noticed his absence.
New Order were back!"

"The first Toronto gig for the reunited Dolls and sadly, without Killer Kane.
I recall a few people up at the front gasping at the sight of David Jo's arms. 
Great gig and it was still light out when the show was done."

"Another great Dolls gig! 
Smoked a couple of joints with Steve Conte after the gig."

"The last time I would see the Dolls. 
Met David and Syl earlier in the day as they arrived at the venue 
Said hello, welcomed them back, and wished them a great show!
Tons of energy! Largely due to the openers, 
Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears.
I'm sure they won a few new fans that night! 
The Dolls even had Black Joe Lewis come back out to join them for the encore!
Considered seeing their opening set for Mötley Crüe, 
hadn't made up my mind till the day of 
and good thing I didn't go cause Syl couldn't cross the border 
so it ended up as David Jo with Earl Slick at the Amphitheatre."

"I didn't mind "The Fragile" but what a terrible venue for that album! 
Massey Hall or the O’Keefe Centre would have been a much better choice. 
The material went way over the heads of people 
expecting something they had seen a few years back. 
I remember going through a McDonald's drive-through in a cab 
after the show and enjoying a quarter pounder more than the gig!"

"I only went to this gig to see Bauhaus' opening set. 
It was wonderful to hear "Adrenaline" and "Endless Summer Of The Damned."
Unfortunately they wouldn't go on to tour "Go Away White" in 2008."

"A Beyond Horrible production! My brother's heckling made the endurance worth it!"

"Not a bad show but Gary took a bit too much inspiration from NIN."

"It was nice to see Ariel Pink but I really wanted to see Os Mutantes!
They did an excellent job! Wish they would come back!"

"A birthday present to myself and one of the best gigs I would ever attend!
Did this one alone."

"Finally, Peaches shows us that she can actually sing 
and do songs without referencing slippery dicks and pussies. 
Job well done but sadly she'd return to her old ways, 
making quick and easy cash from her gay following. 
Would have been great to hear another collaboration with Chilly Gonzales."

"I met a group called Orgy the same day I met Placebo at MuchMusic. 
Although I couldn't stand Orgy's music whatsoever, 
I have to admit they were incredibly nice guys. 
Brian Molko of Placebo was acting like a little bitch that day 
but Stefan Olsdal was very sweet. 
We spoke briefly about the Iggy Pop/MuchMusic reference 
of my permanent marker sketch which he signed.
 A collaboration of sorts."

"We chose to go to the late show that night. No regrets."

"The Prodigy were already big in Europe and North America was just getting them. 
The show was originally scheduled to take place at the Warehouse 
but the demand for tickets was so great that they relocated the gig to Arrow Hall. 
I have an audio cassette recording of the gig"

"The Furs always put on a solid show! Clearly!"

"Antony killed it during the encore of "Candy Says"
Met Lou Reed outside Massey Hall after this gig. 
Neither one of us were impressed."

"I didn't expect much from this show but I have to admit 
that the Sam Roberts Band put on a great set!
 Lots of mariujana smoke in the Haus!"

"Finally able to enjoy this film in the comfort of my home!"

"At nine years of age, this news was devastating."

"What could be better than spending a day at the CNE 
and then seeing the Stones? 
First and last time I'd spend $50 on a tie-dye t-shirt. 
I was young, c'mon!"

"At this speaking engagement, I had the opportunity to ask Buffy 
about the significance behind "Better To Find Out For Yourself" 
from her album, "Illuminations."
She then proceeded to perform an impromptu acapella version 
with her thighs as percussion. 

"The most intimate Buffy show I've ever seen!"

Elgin Theatre, Toronto, ON.
October 16, 2010.

"Perfect venue for Buffy! Everyone forced to stand and dance!"

"Never Mind the Bullocks that was Goldfinger, the Pistols rocked!"

"Spoke to Floria about her parents and her work with Bowie."

The video programme for "Come Part Mental" exhibit

"The last Banshees gig in Toronto."

"Never thought I would get the chance to see Skinny Puppy live 
and on more than one occasion! 
Also never thought I'd hear "Far Too Frail" performed live! 
I gave them silver rizlas outside their tour bus in front of the Kool Haus."

"The Pumpkins played two nights in a row at the Phoenix 
at the beginning of the year before tragedy struck.
 This was a harder and meaner show. 
I remember James talking about "Planet Of The Apes."

"Transmission in the rain! Just before MuchMusic lost its cool."

"Roland on the "Kings" tour. 
Some songs you probably won't hear performed live again 
with the exception of "Raoul And The Kings Of Spain." 
Would be great to hear them rework "Sorry" or better yet, 
"Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) back into their set!"

"This was a long time coming and well worth the wait! 
Shame that Toronto wasn't on the itinerary for this tour. 
Amazing show! 
Was nice to have Curt recognize me from Facebook 
and remember my name!"

"I seem to recall an acrobat just before and possibly during intermission. 
We couldn't figure out if it was part of the show or some fucked up Tool fan."

"I never thought a member of Bon Jovi's band 
could produce music I would enjoy!
Great use of the space on stage!"

"I went specifically to see the B-52's 
as they hadn't announced any other dates in Ontario 
following the release of their "Funplex" album 
(they would play Casino Rama later in the year). 
I must admit that I did enjoy the Dresden Dolls 
and Cyndi Lauper put on a great closing set!

"I took my older brother to this gig. 
Not many people in attendance and that was perfect! 
An incredible three-piece and one of the best shows we'd ever see!"

"The sweet voice of the Wailers! 
It's a shame Bunny doesn't play live more often."

"Nearly died coming home in a cab on the DVP after this gig 
when the axel came off and we lost a rear tire, 
sending us skidding into a ditch about 200 meters. 
Funny really because as soon as we got in, 
I noticed there weren't any seat belts in the back and said 
"Well, I guess we're gonna die." 
Once the car came to a stop, flames shot up out the back 
so we got out and ran. 
A cop came by within ten minutes 
and why we hopped into another cab is beyond me! 
I will never forget the dancehall tune playing in the cab 
or the cabby's flesh sear as he touched the wheel, 
sending smoke into the air. 
Good times. 
Oh, and Roger was great. So were the mushrooms." 

"The extended train sequence of "On The Run" was worth it alone! 
That was a fuck yeah! moment."

"What was all the hype about? I don't know 
but I NEVER want to hear that shitty "Angels" song ever again!
He looked good and could entertain a crowd at that time."

"I was really excited to see this show 
because Blondie Chaplin was touring with Brian.
Blondie fucking rocked it 
and Matt Jardine did an incredible job!
I was hoping to catch Rodriguez as the opener 
but unfortunately he didn't come to Canada.
Instead, we were treated to some half-ass acoustic set 
by an absolutely boring dud who couldn't tune his guitar by ear! 
 This gig was way better than the Beach Boys' 50th anniversary concert
a few years earlier. Mike Love-less. 
Glad that Jeffrey Foskett wasn't part of the band."

"This show would have been a great gig but it was cancelled. 
Perhaps inspiring Cyndi Lauper's True Colors festival."

"The last time a good Yes line-up played Toronto"