As some of you may know, I have been organizing a charity event for Free The Children to take place at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre in Toronto on Sunday, November 27th. All proceeds from the tickets sales are being donated to Free The Children in support of health care in Haiti. This has taken up quite a bit of my time and has delayed the process of some of my other projects, simultaneously on the go. Originally I had intended to perform at this event with several variations of a "band" in mind, however due to scheduling conflicts and existing obligations, it was not possible. My portion of the performance will be a twenty-five minute film projection in synchronization with my music, during which I will "perform" the last three songs live. I have always been very critical of the use of backing tracks during a live performance and have only ever used it once before but since I'm presenting a one man show, I feel slightly less guilty about it this time. My music has been remixed specifically for this event, 

during which I will be making my live debut on the melodica!

With the sole organization of the event, I have delayed the digital release of "side 2" of my "Third World" project but anticipate a "Christmas gift" release. I have also delayed the release of my limited edition compilation LP which will not be available until January/February of the new year. I wanted the LP to be available at the event later this month, but this was not a project that needed to be rushed nor did it have a due date, so extra special care was taken to insure a proper release. On that note, I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to announce that Canadian musician and record producer, Don Pyle has mastered the "13" album for its vinyl LP format! It will be a limited edition pressing of 100 copies and each copy will include a coupon with a unique code printed on it, redeemable for an MP3 download of a deluxe digital edition of "13". This will include Don Pyle's exclusive master, the bonus digital LP "13 x 2" featuring thirteen additional tracks, 

previously unseen conceptual art designed by Shane Heron for "13" 
as well as exclusive liner notes, photographs and lyrics. 
I can honestly say that the wait will be worth it!

I had a very pleasant telephone conversation last week, during which I was asked if despite organizing this upcoming charity event by myself, would I consider organizing more events for other organizations in the future? My response was "certainly!" especially if it's a success and the organization is representing a worthy cause. As an independent musician, I've never made enough financially to sustain a living off my work and it isn't a priority as much as bettering our communities and environment in some way, shape, or form. The real focus and priority needs to be given to firmly establishing a healthy and safe existence within our global communities rather than achieving any profitable gain from such a venture. For me, music is a spiritual language that transcends national barriers with the purpose to heal. Comedy works in a similar and therapeutic way. In a theoretical sense via this event and its cause, everyone who is taking part is helping someone, somewhere else heal. Unless an event is helping out a friend or our communities, raising awareness and funds for a good and important cause, I will have no interest in organizing or taking part in any other type of event like this in the future.

I look forward to meeting and seeing some of you later this month and presenting the "13" LP in 2012! Wishing everyone everywhere, lots of love and all the best!

~ RT