Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Who are the 
Donovan Mojopin
Lead vocals, guitarist, songwriter & composer
Michel Bruyere
Drummer, songwriter & composer, vocals
Leroy Constant
Bassist & composer, vocals
Killah Green
Guitarist & composer


Bruthers of Different Muthers (BODM) spent over a year 
creating their debut album, Speakers of Tomorrow, released in 2011. 
As self-published songwriters & musicians, having no label, 
agent or manager backing them,
 it was some years before they decided to go it alone 
and release & promote the album. 
And their hard work as independent artists has already started to pay-off. 

Since the release of their debut album in 2011, 
these talented artists have already received music accolades, including: 
• Best Rock CD at the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards 
in November of 2011; and
• JUNO Nomination in February of 2012 in the Aboriginal Album category.

The Aboriginal grassroots fan base across Canada gave BODM 
their first award, and the fans continue to throw 
their support to the Brutherspropelling their single 
Speakers of Tomorrow” to No. 1 
on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown (NAMC) 
on February 11, 2012, shortly after their JUNO nomination. 
The band’s second single “How Long” 
is also starting to get airtime play too. 

BODM’s upcoming show at JUNOFEST in Ottawa 
alongside other JUNO nominees 
will be another quantum leap on the music scene; 
it will be BODM’s first chance to reach a broader listening audience
 and establish themselves as a multidimensional rock band 
with widespread music listening and market appeal. 

During an interview with the Bruthers
Brian Cook (NCI Spirit of Manitoba 105.5 Hot Country and More) 
had this to say following BODM’s JUNO nomination: 

BODM’s music “transcends genres”, “can appeal to many people”, 
“SPEAKS to people”, and is simply “music for PEOPLE”, 
because the music is just plain “SOLID”. In his opinion, 
BODM’s album is a straight-up quality rock-recording period!
 It also happens to spread a positive message 
about having a VOICE and using it as SPEAKERS OF TOMORROW. 

A whirlwind of wider interest from the music industry 
and media continues to build around BODM 
and the Bruthers have already done multiple radio, 
magazine and television interviews. 
Through this entire flurry BODM is also in the studio writing 
and recording their second album, 
energized by the support they have received from fans & peers.

• Best Rock CD at the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards 
in November of 2011; and
• JUNO Nomination in February of 2012

Recent Features & Interviews (since release of their 1st album in 2011):
• Arbor Live Season 3 on APTN
• Single “Speakers of Tomorrow” featured on 
CD Manitoba Aboriginal Artists Volume 5. 
• Interview by Brian Cook on NCI February 10th 2012
• Interview by Shaw Media March 20/12

February 15/12

Aboriginal Music Showcase, 
Friday, March 30th, 2012
Ottawa, ON.